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What is Working Traveller all about?


  •  Working Traveller (WT) is an online community of 50,000 travellers ( and growing ever day) looking for work as they travel that needs their skills to build their knowledge and references from 1,000s of hosts that need these skills and cannot find them locally.

  • The hard bit ( or the magic bit) is matching up travellers with the right skills with the hosts that need them at the time they need them. Maybe a host needs a carpenter in January in Thailand – you don’t want to waste their time if you have these skills but you you are heading to South America in that time.

  •  So what we do is we have made a butch of tools in the site that let you map out, literally – where you will be in the world and when. Hosts then create work placements showing what skills then need and when. We know where they are located and so when their is like a tinder moment and you both find your perfect match – we make makes sure you know about each other.

  • Traveller and hosts then communicate and agree on what each one will do for each other. The system is super flexible and so you can volunteer for a few hours a day to working 1o hour seven days a week and get paid well for it. Its all down to you and what you agree to do. Gone are the days of ” 5 hours a day for help with the harvest for a bed, board and your beer”. It’s what ever you want it to be, you just need to create a work placement and agree your terms and off you go.

  •  Once the traveller has visited and finished the work. Hosts and Travellers leave a reference for each other. This helps you build your profile to attract more work or workers. Its just like Trip Advisor – the better and more reviews you get, the more people will want to use you.

  •  To have a free service where you can quickly find the skills you need them when they are coming to your country would have been a pipe dream only a few years ago. Now Working Traveller is well establishing in the work and travel community and is here to stay. To leave home with no skills and return two years later with enough knowledge and references to land yourself a job is now a reality.

  •  To find out more about Working Traveller and how it can help you – see the Traveller and Host sectoins or sign up today and stop talking about living your dream. Use Working Traveller to get your self around teh world or to find the skills you need to build your little piece of paradase. It’s all there, you just need to do it!
It's free - it will change your life. What are you waiting for?

Working Traveller Is A Social Network For…

Travellers who want work experience in their chosen skills
& Hosts that need workers with those skills

What Working Traveller is all about

  • Matching Traveller Skills with Host Needs: Thousands of Hosts around the world need workers with specialist skills they cannot find locally. By using Work Search, Hosts and Travellers can find each other and see when they are available for work on a paid or volunteer basis.
  • The Handshake Agreement: After agreeing on the work required and the compensation, make a handshake agreement – like you would on Ebay. After the work post is over, leave a reference. Any one who asks to work without a handshake has something to hide, traveller or host, and is not advisable.
  • References for Your Resume: If you are a lazy worker, or a host that expects too much and gives too little, this quickly shows in your references. A host or traveller that has several good references means you have a good chance of being able to rely on the person to get the work done. Working Traveller is all about connecting hard working people with the right skills with the good hosts that need them.
  • The Complete Profile Edge: Much like a dating site, on Working Traveller, you’re looking for someone very specific and you will spend the time to find them. That’s why it is important to fill in all the sections within your profile and to understand how Work Search works so you quickly find the right traveller or host to match both parties’ needs.


Working Traveller is for people who want to work and travel.

  • Build Your Future Resume: You might be a graduate looking to get your first career job, but you don’t have any experience in your chosen field. Working Traveller can help you to get the experience and references you need to give you the winning edge in front of prospective employers when you return home from your travels.
  • Travel While Learning: You might be fresh out of school and want to learn a trade and are passionate about travel. You start at the bottom like you would in an apprenticeship and work you way up. As you learn from each host, you can slowly take on responsibilities that require a higher level of skill and reward.
  • Work in Your Dream Destination: Just finished your degree and want to work in a different country, but can’t get a job there? Working Traveller could be the stepping stone you need to get you into your new chosen country. Once you’ve arrived, you can do 3 or 4 work placements and build up references that a local employer would be impressed with, take the time to learn the language and culture, and see if you like living there before committing to a long term job, rent and leaving your old life behind.
  • Skilled Workers on the Road: Maybe you’re skilled but feel bored at your job? Using your skills and experience to hook you up with hosts around the world can pay for your travels whilst you enjoy working in different environments; each with their own new challenges.
  • Find Your Ideal Worker: If you’re a host, you often need specialist skills you cannot get locally or short term help over the busy periods. Or you can find workers with skills that require you to speak in your mother tongue so the person can understand exactly what you need them to do.


Hosts show how they and a family of travellers use WT for the first time

Working Traveller is free to hosts and always will be.

  • We don’t see why hosts should pay for listing their work placements on Working Traveller, as they are providing the work for the travellers who will make the money or gain experience if they are volunteering.
  • In the future, we will have a premium service for hosts providing real-time customer support but there is no reason for you to need this if you read the Hosts help section and use Working Traveller correctly. There will always be the standard free customer support for hosts as well
  • Working Traveller is also free to travellers, until you’d like to publish and share your references in your profile. Once a traveller receives a reference and wish it to post it to their profile or send it to an employer, it will be just 10 euro a year for using Working Traveller’s services and 100 euro a year for Experts.
  • To see how to gain ‘quality membership’ and get the best out of WT, have a look at the relevant pages in the traveller or host sections.


Working Traveller’s Five Sections

  1. My Working World Your personal home page that keeps you up to date on potential work placements, the work you have already scheduled, when and where you’re available, and what skills you have.
  2. Work in? The Working Traveller wiki is growing gradually and your expertise will be what allows it to come into its own. There is a page for every county in the world. We are building up a picture of what work is available in the places you have travelled to or where you are from. Seasonal and other information is provided to help plan your working trip around the word.
    • If you would like to help in creating this section, we would love for you to sign up to be a Country Editor.
  3. Work Search A detailed search page allowing hosts and travellers to find exactly what they are looking for.
  4. Skills – Each skill has a user group where you can discuss what’s going on with your fellow travellers who work in your field.
  5. Work and TravelOur extensive and growing Help section. From how to use the site to top tips, we’ll keep you up to date on what is going on at Working Traveller and what every one else is up to on their travels.

Working Traveller is privately owned.

Working Traveller is registered in the UK. Our address is:

Working Traveller
22 Long Laneb
London EC1

Working Traveller - Work your way around the world

Working Traveller enables you to work and travel on your Gap Year - whilst gaining relevant work references for a job when you go back home. Working Traveller is based in the UK at 71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2H 9JQ. We are a private limited company registered in the United Kingdom.
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