Why use WT?

10% are great, 80% are good, 10% are no good. WT shows you.

If you are looking to see why you should use Woking Traveller in terms of what services it provides you – have a look at the About Working Traveller page.  If you understand the concept and want to use WT to find work or workers – but don’t see the point in using the handshake services, read on…

  • When I was 17 doing my apprenticeship to become a news photographer in London, my boss told me ” I have 100’s of people come through here. There is always one in ten that gives that bit extra and that one in ten at the moment, is you.
  • I will always remember that compliment, and I have always strived to give that bit extra in anything I do. If you’re a traveller or a host, you’re looking for just that: the traveller who goes the extra mile and washes everything up without having to be asked – or the host that buys you a beer after work and mentors you in a way you can understand. We are all looking for these kinds of people, but as you know they are hard to find.
  • At the other end of the scale, as you know every culture is the same. 10% are amazing great people, 80% are normal good people and 10% in ANY culture fit into the politely named category of ” No good”.
  • Working Traveller has a reference system built into the core of what we do to show you who fits into what category. All references start with messages to agree what you will do and then  a handshake.
  • As a host, you do not want to be robbed or have lazy volunteers that feel they should not have to work; yet eat for two people. As a traveller you do not want to be made to work 10 hours a day and then told “You pay $10 a day for electricity,” when you are sharing one light bulb between ten people in the shed you where told is the ‘luxury dorm’.
  • Most hosts and most travellers fit into the 80% group in the middle. The majority of people are nice, hard working people who you will be glad to spend a week or a month working with. And think about it – they will all want a good reference from you.


What’s our point?

What has this got to do with getting some work booked up, when you find a host or traveller?

It’s all in the messages and the  handshake

  • Traveller to host – “Hi, yeah, I would love to come and stay and help with your work this summer. Hmmm, I prefer to just work on email, can you give me your email address and we can keep in touch that way? I don’t really get the handshake thing on this web site”.
  • Host to traveller – ” Sure come and stay with us no problem, everything is just fine here at my farm. No need to make a handshake, we trust each other. Just come any time and we see you then.”
  • If you look at the membership costs for Working Traveller for travellers and hosts, you will see it is free to use for both sides. Until a traveller wants their references to appear on their profile, it is free. After that point, they pay €10 a year for unlimited use.
    • The references a traveller gets on their way around the world makes the difference between getting paid work as they travel and a job when they get back home – for`€10.
    • Ask yourself? Why would they have need to avoid having all those references? For hosts it’s 100% free. Why would a host not want to use WT’s messaging system to keep a record of what they have agreed to do for you in the handshake and what you will do for them.
  • Why would a host not want a good review to attract more hard working travellers?

Getting the idea now?

  • By using Working Traveller, in time you will be able to quickly see who are the top 10% travellers and hosts that use your skills and if you have great references as well, you will be able to choose to only work with them.
  • You will be able to see that 80% of hosts and travellers are perfectly fine and you will be happy to work with them as you can see what they are like from their references.
  • The 10% of hosts and travellers that are in the “no good’ category will first try and avoid sending messages through WT and using a handshake as they know you will be able to leave a reference about them and expose their ways to others. Any traveller who has a bad experience with a host will be able to leave a review ONLY if they made a handshake before they do the work and the same for hosts about travellers. No handshake agreement, no bad reviews written about them later no matter what happened.

Why would any one not want a review, if they’re any good?

  • Why use Working Traveller? – Because it gives you the same peace of mind that eBay and Trip Advisor gives you. You know the reviews you’re reading are real reviews from real people.
  • Any host or traveller who asks to work with you out side of WT and avoids setting up a handshake…. is avoiding you writing a bad review about them.  They have something to hide and need to be avoided.
  • If you communicate with a traveller or host who asks you to do some work with them outside of Working Traveller – please report them to our Host Support. The service is free, no one is charged per Work Placement, so it makes no difference in cost to agree what you are going to do outside of a handshake on Working Traveller.
  • If you make sure every agreement you make as a traveller or host is agreed with a handshake – you have peace of mind that they are for real and that they will want to make sure you leave them a good reference when the work is done.
  • If for any reason you have a dispute about references, WT keeps a record of all the messages you have sent to each other and we can easily check to see what has been agreed and possibly remove bad reviews if we can see they are unfair. If you do not make your agreement within WT, we will not be able to help you at all. So it’s best to keep all your communication within the site, then you know the host or traveller is for real and you are covered in terms of what you have agreed.


That’s why you use Working Traveller: it provides a highly effective service for hosts and travellers around the world – and clears out the “not good’ category… for free.



Working Traveller - Work your way around the world

Working Traveller enables you to work and travel on your Gap Year - whilst gaining relevant work references for a job when you go back home. Working Traveller is based in the UK at 71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2H 9JQ. We are a private limited company registered in the United Kingdom.
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